Group Lessons

Introductory Level

Beginner skaters: Snowplow Sam 1-4 and  Basic Skills Level 1-4.

Aspen Skating club coaches will determine appropriate skill level. Ice-time includes a 30 minute small group lesson and 15 minutes of supervised practice. Private lessons are available during basic skills ice or can be arranged on public or city freestyle session.


Basic Skills Level

Basic skills 4-6 & Pre-Free Skate

Includes a 30 minute group lesson, 15 minutes of practice AND 15 minute specialty class.  Private lessons are available during this time or arranged during public or freestyle sessions.


Aspen Skating Club coaches periodically test in accordance with the Learn to Skate USA program.  See calendar for test dates. Private lessons can be organized for testing.


Silver Club 

Open to all skaters that have passed Pre-Free Skate

Silver Club Members have additional ice times with power and elements classes included. Skater will be tested for the Free Skate Curriculum by Aspen Skating Club coaches. Private lessons can be organized during basic skills and/or silver ice time


Gold Club

Open to all skaters that have passed  the US Figure Skating Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field AND Pre-preliminary Free Skate.


Performance Class held on Sunday for skaters tested to silver or gold level. Included in silver/gold membership.